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    Kaspersky Internet Security


    This article does not contain activation codes.

    An activation code is a sequence of twenty digits and Latin letters in the format ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ, which you get when you purchase a license to use a Kaspersky Lab product. This code is required for activating the application.

    You can get an activation code in a number of ways, depending on how your purchased your license:

    • If you purchased Kaspersky Lab product in the online store, the activation code is sent to the email address you specified when making the purchase.
    • If you purchased a boxed version of the product, the activation code is either in the product documentation or on the box containing the installation disk.
    • If you purchased a license renewal card, you can find the code on the back of the card.


    When you go online shopping or banking – we protect your money & account details… when you socialize – we safeguard your identity… when you surf – we prevent attacks… when you download or stream – we block infected files.

    Whatever you do in your digital life – our premium protection is here to help you protect it all.

    • Protects against attacks, ransomware & more
    • Protects your privacy & personal information
    • Protects money when you bank & shop
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